Each participant registered in the race is OBLIGED to be in possession of a valid (not expired) ITALIAN COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (issued in Italy) specific to SPORT TRIATHLON.  The athlete must have undergone the B1 AGONISTIC PROTOCOL.

    • Specific certificates for other sports other than triathlon (even if assimilated) are not accepted.
    • Foreign certificates issued abroad by non-Italian doctors are not accepted.

    For those who register as FITRI members: it will be the responsibility of the sports club to check the regularity of the medical certificates of its members. For the organization it is therefore understood that the members are in possession of it.

    For those who register as non-members, it is MANDATORY to sign the daily membership which consists of filling out a form (DOWNLOADABLE HERE) and presenting the medical certificate with the above characteristics to the organization.  

    NB: in situations of limitations to travel between regions due to the current ministerial health provisions aimed at dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible that registration with daily membership is not provided, since the movements could only be allowed to athletes registered with a sports club affiliated with the National Triathlon Federation.

    The methods of sending the documentation (form and certificate) are:

    • online upload during registration
    • upload at a later time after registration by accessing your private area
    • sending by email to info@trioevents.it