Participants who are not registered with a triathlon company can only participate by signing up for the daily membership (DAYPASS), as per FITRI regulation.

At registration, it will be possible to choose the mode "athletes without membership card".

Daypass includes the presentation to the organization of:

  • Subscription form (DOWNLOADABLE HERE)
  • COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE specific for the TRIATHLON sport (other sports are not accepted, even if assimilated).

Medical certificate must be:

  • Agonistic (protocol B1)
  • Italian, issued in Italy by an Italian doctor.
  • Not expired (for the day of the race)

WE DON'T ACCEPT certificates for suitability for other sports other than triathlon.
WE DON'T ACCEPT foreign certificates, issued abroad

IMPORTANT: those who have not submitted the appropriate documentation for the daily registration (form and copy of the certificate competitive doctor) will not be able to take part in the competition!

The documents related to the daypass can be presented to the organization as follows:

  • During registration by uploading of the form and the medical certificate
  • After registration, logging in to your reserved area
  • Sending them via email to

The daypass has an additional cost compared to the registration cost € 20.00 for olympic distances and sprints